Jala Neti (the practice of using a neti pot), is an important part of Yoga Shatkarma (The yogic system of cleansing the body).
The Hatha Yoga Pradipika attribute many beneficial effects from neti pot use that range from profound physiological ones on the body, mind and personality to even clairvoyance.
Medical uses include; chronic sinus and nasal symptoms, chronic rhinosinusitis along with adjunctive therapy, chronic sinus symptoms induced by work-place exposure to sawdust, hay-fever, the common cold (helps relieve symptoms), allergic rhinitis, and chronic sinusitis.
Our pots are made from HDPE plastic and are built to last a lifetime of abuse, see the whacking test video below. (neti golf)
They are comfortable to use, great for travel, pour beautifully and made to last.
I designed, manufactured and imported all neti pot stock several years ago from China prior to the Covid-19 virus.
The above text is partially referenced from wikipedia.


 Blue neti pot 350ml capacity

NETI POT 350ML CAPACITY Made from durable, food grade, recyclable HDPE plastic.
These neti pots are excellent quality, with a comfortable ergonomic design that flow freely when poured.
PRICE: $12.90 ( best price for this product guaranteed)
Shipping is within Australia only, international distributorship enquiries are welcome .

Our neti pots are made to be UNBREAKABLE and hopefully last a lifetime, watch the video below.


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