a yogi's first aid kit

The perfect gift for any Yogi
One quality 350ml neti potOne stainless steel tongue scraper, excellent quality !! (weighs 28 grams)
240g pure solar evaporated sea salt(made in Australia)...with no nasties.(anti-caking agent or iodine)
Slinky wooden mala beads (cord stretches)
Total freight cost for this great gift is just $10.20 Australia wide.
yoga first aid kit


 Price: $30.00

$10.20 freight Australia wide
Shipping is within Australia only,international customers please
contact us for shipping rates neti inquiries

detailed images; neti pot
tongue cleaner;

tongue scraper 3
tongue scraper 2
tongue cleaner 1
mala beads
wrist with mala beads upon
mala beads wooden
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