Back in 2010 Oprah did a segment on Neti pots which can be seen in the below video.
The effect on neti pot sales was pretty dramatic as you can imagine. Oprah was a women of integrity, adored by million of women and men.
Dr Oz was a handsome doctor with a belief in some natural alternative medicines.This was the dawning of the age of the neti pot.
As it says in the video, retail shops sold out, no one could buy one anywhere.
OK, so Oprah made it famous and brought it into the mainstream, but in the yogic community neti pots had been used for hundreds of years (i'm not sure how long, but a long time)
It's part of Ashtanga yoga, the shat karma section, one of the 8 limbs of yoga.That's right, yoga consists of more than just asana's.
As yoga has been pasteurised for western consumption, jala neti, sutra neti and pretty well anything icky has be removed.
Meditation is generally a brief 10-20 minutes(not a lot of time to become enlightened )
Now this is all fine, the evolution of yoga maybe.
But when I read articles with titles like:

1)Brain-Eating Amoeba in Neti Pots (

2)Neti pot caused brain-eating amoeba death, man's family says(
3)Neti pots’ brain-eating amoeba causes scare among sinus sufferers(
4)Neti Pots Linked To Deadly Brain Infections: CDC(
I'm getting tired, but the internet is absolutely littered with this propaganda, that's right propaganda!
Propaganda that "may have caused" by the pharmaceutical industry loosing millions(possibly billions) in profits from the Oprah and Dr Oz neti pot testimonials.
I mean, what a great headline for trashy sensationalist websites "Neti pot caused brain-eating amoeba death"
Funny, and I have to laugh, my site was positioned in the middle of these dramatic horrifying headlines on google search, arrgh.
Primarily, I would say this was due to social media playing a large part in google's rankings (good onya google) they changed their algorithms at about this time.
I should have started looking for alternative employment then and there, but after embracing yoga 34 years ago, along with jala neti, and not having a sinus problem since, I believe it was a great product and something that everyone could benefit from, with or without a sinus problem.
Anyway I'm rambling, the evidence of the "Neti pot caused brain-eating amoeba death" stemmed from an article the FDA (U.S. Food and Drug Administration) wrote;
So I thought ok, maybe it's true, I'd never heard of any problem, but this was a rare 2 off infection in Louisiana, we're talking the bayous.
Bummer, I'd just spent 6 months designing what I considered the perfect neti pot/pots... 10,000.000 of them. ha... cry... ha ha.
I didn't think too much about it,I based things on my 34 years of experiences and of course on what Oprah had to say, though I advised people to use clean water and pure sea salt, I continued to perform jala neti as per usual on a daily basis, sometimes several times a day depending on what I was up to.
I thought the sensationalist headlines would slowly disappear off the front of google eventually, I was wrong.
Then sometime after the initial media scare, I was chatting to old friends, one of whom is a naturapath and she had a sinus problem, so I said I'd send her up a free neti pot.
She said no thanks, and quoted the " brain-eating amoeba death" story.(that made me somewhat angry)
It was then, I decided to dig a little deeper into the FDA's warning:
The FDA actually states;
1)They have"concerns about the risk of infection tied to the improper use of neti pots" (what would they know about neti pots)
2)"Improper use of neti pots may have caused two deaths in 2011 in Louisiana from a rare brain infection that the state health department linked to tap water contaminated with an amoeba called Naegleria fowleri."

So, for the most part the FDA need double bling trials to come to any conclusions, but in this case "may have caused two deaths, seems to be ok.
The two people who dies may have swam in the same lake or river, who knows.

And from this came:
1)Brain-Eating Amoeba in Neti Pots (

2)Neti pot caused brain-eating amoeba death, man's family says(
3)Neti pots’ brain-eating amoeba causes scare among sinus sufferers(
4)Neti Pots Linked To Deadly Brain Infections: CDC(
and dozens more that I can't be bothered to quote.

Now this could be a conspiracy theory and the FDA maybe spreading propaganda to ruin neti pots sales so people buy FDA approved medicines.
Who's to say?But next time you read the line "Neti pot caused brain-eating amoeba death, man's family says" find out if there is actually any proof to substantiate the statement
For what my experience it's worth, I advise to use clean water, not water from the Ganga river though many Indians would disagree (I use chlorinated tap water, a combination of hot and cold to reach 38%) pure fine grade sea salt, no additives and common sense.

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