Our neti pots were made to last a lifetime. They are super tough, ergonomically designed and extremely effiecient for practicing Jala Neti.



Personally I've never come across or practiced  stages 2 & 3 shown in this video tutorial.
If you choose to practice stages 2 & 3 show in the video DO SO AT YOUR OWN RISK !
In my experience I prefer to allow gravity to do all the work when performing Jala neti
and to be patient, eventually the warm saline solution will do the job.
Also regarding gravity.... the more volume the neti pot contains the more water pressure is produced when pouring, so larger neti pots generally have more pressure.
This does also depend on the shape of the neti pot somewhat and how well it pours.
When Daniel was discussing the shape of different nozzles I prefer a conicle shape nozzle as it creates a seal on most nostrils.
It's not advised to insert the neti spout into the nasal cavity too far, all that's needed is to achieve a seal between the neti pot and the nostril allowing the saline solution to flow freely.

  In this video, Daniel Vitalis provides a demonstration
on how to use a Neti Pot for nasal irrigation and respiratory health. He shows us
the three stages of how to use a Neti Pot most optimally.


Video testimonial on the Oprah show.
Dr Oz demonstrates the benefits of Jala Neti or as they call it
"The nose bidet".

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